Call to discuss your project and RATES.  

Rates will have a minimum of 4-5 hours billing (if short travel distance).

Hourly & Day rates will depend on a number of factors, such as:

    *  Travel Distance

    *  Property Terrain  (slopes, flat, ditches, rutted, uneven, access, etc...)

    *  Size Of The Job  ( 1/2 acre, 5 acres )

    *  Multiple Day(s), Week(s)

    *  Thickness and Size of Brush and Trees To Be Mulched

    *  Hardwoods, Softwoods, Sapplings, etc...

    *  "After"-Logging Cleanup 

    *  Soil Types (Sandy, Clays, Iron Ore, Rocky Terrain)

    *  Potential Issues With (Hidden) Trash, Fences, Wires, Metal, etc...

    *  Wetlands, Soft or Firm Ground

    *  Proximity to Roadways and Neighbors

Open up your property, reclaim your pastures and fields, property lines, deer leases - shooting lanes, fence lines, fire breaks, "after-logging" cleanup, clear for utilities, brush piles, and more

Before & After   -    Brush pile gone in minutes....MULCHED!


Mulching, Forestry Mulching, Under-Brush Control...... whatever you want to call it.  We can clear & MULCH your BRUSH!

L2  Sawmill 

LDE Company, LLC     dba:  L2 Sawmill

Portable Sawmill Service 

in East Texas