Sawmill Rates and Fees:

Producing Quality, Custom, Rough sawn Lumber!

Sawmill services are subject to Texas Sales Tax.  If you are exempt from sales taxes,

a certificate will be required.  Please inform ahead of the project.

L2  Sawmill 

LDE Company, LLC     dba:  L2 Sawmill

Portable Sawmill Service 

in East Texas



                                                                                                                          Saw Time:      Rate:

   Tier 1:    1 -  35 miles from Lk Striker location         3  hours        $675   Includes Travel & Setup

​    Tier 2 :   36 - 60 miles from Lk Striker location         4 hours         $850  Includes Travel & Setup

    Tier 3:    61 - 80 miles from Lk Striker location         4 hours         $900  Include Travel & Setup 

     Tier 4:    81 - 100 miles from Lk Striker location        hours        $1,225   Includes Travel & Setup

​    Tier 5:  101 - 120 miles from Lk Striker location        hours        $1,525  Includes Travel & Setup

   Tier 6: 121 - 400 miles from Lk Striker location         TBD*               TBD*

​               *Tier 6:  "Minimum Saw Times and Rates" - TDB

                                         based on Distance, Travel, Job Specifics

                                         Overnight expenses, etc...   Please call!                          


Mobile Sawing Rate:   $145  Per Hour   After Tier - "Minimums Saw Times" are met


     Rate Includes:   Travel, Mileage, Sawmill Setup, Fully Hydraulic /   

                                 Computer driven Sawmill, Fuel, Blades, Experienced

                                 Sawyer and "Up to" the "Minimum Saw Time" hours

                                 listed for each tier.

Blade Damage Fee:      $50

      *  Multi, "Consecutive" Days are discounted after Day 1,  

               Consecutive Days Discount is subject to Job Specifics and Travel details involved.

      *  10% Discount for "Repeat Customers",  or

      *  10% Discount for Current "Insurance Customers" of mine


Note:   Rates could vary on unique, difficult custom sawing jobs!


           On Mobile JobsThe Customer must provide at least 1-helper (2-3 preferable) to

               offload boards.  Customer is also to provide "Equipment" (tractor, backhoe, etc...)

               to handle larger, heavy logs, slabs, and to move the logs around as required. 

               The more help and support equipment you provide....the faster the sawing will go!


       "Saw Time" starts as soon as the mill is set up and I'm ready to start 

       and ends when the last log is milled and all the boards / slabs are

       off-loaded by the customer!


Just a Note:    I charge by the hour rather than the "Board Foot".  When you do the math, my hourly rate will be considerably cheaper than charging you by the Board Foot.  Depending on what we're sawing, my machine will produce a ton of lumber each hour!  I will not "nickel & dime" you on time either.  We will be non-stop busy and you will be happy with the amount of lumber / slabs generated!



** Published rates are subject to change without notice**


My sawmill (Wood-Mizer LT-50) is a Cadillac in portable sawmills and is capable of producing large amounts of lumber very quickly.  Depending on your log size, log species, log qualityyou labor help, your support equipment, your desired cut list, and other variables,  I can cut between 200 and 500 board feet per hour (I'd say "typical" is between 250 to 450 per hour); again, many many variables affect the production rate.

All projects will have a "Minimum Saw Time" for sawing (listed above) for each Tier.  Sawing is billed hourly after the Tier - Rate is met.

Blade Damage Fee will be charged to the customer for striking any metals, or other foreign materials, in your logs....(damaging/destroying the blade).​  You are not responsible for a blade getting dull and me swapping out a new one.  You're only responsible if a blade gets damaged from striking objects in your logs.  Blades are expensive to replace, so if you know of any metals or other "foreign objects" in your logs - Please Point Them Out.  "Yard Trees", Fence Line Trees etc....are great candidates to have wire, nails, bullets, etc.. in them.

All projects will require a "Work Agreement" to be signed by you and me before any work begins.