Welcome to the 2017 Wood-Mizer LT-50 Wide - Wireless Portable Sawmill!

Can generally handle logs up to 36" in diameter and up to 20.5 feet in length.  Can cut WIDE boards up to 34"!

This sawmill is "State-Of-The Art" in Portable Sawmills!  Fully hydraulic

Computer Controlled

Board Producing Machine

 Hello, my name is Lance.   L2 Sawmill is my "Part-Time" business.  I own and operate a Farmers Insurance Agency as my primary job since 2003.  Typically I run 4-5 "Mobile" sawmill jobs each month.  I'd say a "typical saw job" last about 4-6 hours (although a long 8-10 hour day or multi-day jobs are very common).  

I am very blessed to have an AWESOME staff at my insurance agency that affords me the time to mill.  My schedule is flexible and I do most of my milling during the week.  I usually run about 3-5 weeks out on most mobile jobs.   

​I look forward to discussing your project with you soon.  Please call today!  903-894-7628

About L2 Sawmill

L2  Sawmill 

LDE Company, LLC     dba:  L2 Sawmill

Portable Sawmill Service 

in East Texas

​​LDE Company, LLC

dba: L2 Sawmill 

Started operation in 2017. 

I carry General Liability & Commercial Vehicle Insurance for

your protection

Why the name L2?  Named after my two kids, Lance & Libby!