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Mobile Sawmilling Service    -    My mill comes to you!

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Located near Lake Striker, Texas.  My portable sawmill and I travel to you.

​Even overnight, multiple day jobs!   ​I will travel long distances to saw!

Turn your logs into usable lumber

My mobile sawmill comes to you!


(903) 894-7628

Note: This is also my Insurance Office.  We will answer..."Farmers Insurance"

Quality, Custom, Rough sawn Lumber

  • I stay about 3-4 weeks out on milling      "Part-Time" business 
  • October to May:   I do 80% of my milling     "Cooler months"
  • June to September:  I slow way down on milling       "Hot Months"
  • ​I run the Mulcher Year round!            "Has a Heated & Cooled Cab"

Mulching Service

Forestry Mulching

Brush Control

Quality, Custom, Rough sawn Lumber      -    Forestry Mulching & Brush Control

Sawmill Service

Tons of references available!


​​​What can you mill?  

Here's a variety of log species that I mill for customers:

Red Oak, White Oak (Lots of Post Oak), Eastern Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Pecan, Hickory, Walnut, Black Cherry, Elm, Sweetgum, Sycamore, Birch, Cypress, Ash, Maple.   Most commonly I mill Red Oak, White Oak, Post Oak, Cedar and Pine!

Do you have that :

Pine log you want cut into framing lumber, siding, fencing, post, beams, barn siding?

Cedar log you want cut into furniture lumber, closet lining, quilt chest, or other hobby lumber?  How about some 1" x 10" cedar lumber for Raised Planter Beds?

Very Popular!  We can saw your cedar boards into a "True" 1 inch or 1.25 inch boards (or however thick you want) won't find that at Lowes or Home Depot!

Oak log you want cut into nice furniture lumber, a Mantel, a Table Top, or Timbers for a Timber Frame House-Barn-Shed?

Sycamore, MapleWalnut, Magnolia log you want cut into beautiful project lumber?

Elm, Sweetgum (yes Sweetgum), Hickory cut into lumber for your horse barn needs?

So many options with so many varieties of trees.  Mantels, Beams, Wide-Slabs for Table Tops and Bar Tops, Benches, Outdoor Kitchens, Conference Tables, Signs, Furniture, Wainscoting, "Cookies", Flooringor other Project lumber

Live-Edge Slabs  -  Yes......I can cut them for you.  I do a lot of this for people.....  If your log allows, you can get up to a 34 inch, "Dual Live-Edge" slab....That is Huge!  Again, I cut tons and tons of Live-Edge Slabs for people!

Take your logs and have them turned into awesome lumber that you can't buy anywhere else....certainly not the big box stores.  Use your imagination...... Wide Live-Edge Slabs, 1/2" thick boards, 2" thick slabs, 20" WIDE boards, 6" thick mantels, 20 ft. long timbers or beams......what ever you want.  Think it up and I'll saw em' up!

L2  Sawmill 

LDE Company, LLC     dba:  L2 Sawmill

Portable Sawmill Service 

in East Texas


Portable Sawmill & Brush Mulching.... Serving East Texas

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