Gives you an idea of how I go about cutting the log into boards

2x Framing Lumber

Milling  LARGE Pine Logs.

Customer in Jewett, Texas.

8' long,  5.5" thick

"Live-Edge" PINE Mantel

Large Fireplace Mantels.

Customer in Flint, TX.

Beautiful "Post Oak" Slabs.  Check out that Crotch-Figure..... Awesome!

Milled Pine Lumber.  Stickered & Stacked to dry!

"Live-Edge" PINE Mantel Getting ready to Dry a while!

Red Oak, Post Oak, Pecan Stacks

About 75 Pine Logs stacked and ready to be milled into 2x lumber

2.25" Thick "Book-Matched" Elm Slabs

Black Walnut Logs

52lb Lazy Dog


Straightening up / Sizing up some Large "White Oak" timbers for a customer on Lake Limestone.  Will be used in their new Timber Frame house

Big stack of  "Post Oak" Slabs

for a couple in Chapel Hill.

Will be used in their new house

2.25" Elm Slabs.....

Bench tops maybe?

14" Wide "Blue-Stained" Pine Boards

2" Cedar.....stacked and Air Drying

More Beautiful Cedar Boards.

Customer in Brownsboro, TX.


36" Red Oak Log

"Book-Matched" Walnut

8' long,  2.5" thick, 34" Wide

Customer to make a Table Top

2.25" Thick "Slabs"....stacked and Air Drying

Steel Cable "inside" the tree trunk...... Bad for a Sawmill!

8' long,  4.25" thick

Cedar Mantel

20" Wide Pine cant, to be cut into WIDE boards

LARGE Pecan log milled into 2.5" slabs........Beautiful wood.  Customer in Bonham, Texas

Red Oak, Post Oak, Sycamore, Cedar, Pecan logs  -   Customer in Van Zandt County, Texas

Cedar Mantels and Live-Edge lumber. Customer in Chandler, TX.

Cedar Mantle, Live-Edge Slabs, and lumber  -  Customer in Murchison, Texas

L2  Sawmill 

LDE Company, LLC     dba:  L2 Sawmill

Portable Sawmill Service 

in East Texas

Large Pecan Logs   -   Customer in Bullard, Texas

Cypress Mantel.  This turned into a beautiful piece of wood!

Wide Red Oak Slab

Pine logs milled into framing lumber........  Customer in Jasper, Texas

Eastern Red Cedar  -  8x8 Post

Customer in Bullard, TX.

Full Size 2x4 and 2x6 Framing.

Customer in Palestine, TX.

Headed to Lake Limestone for another Mobile Job.  Overnight in the Camper!

2" Thick "Book-Matched"

Eastern Red Cedar Slabs