Big stack of  "Post Oak" Slabs

for a couple in Chapel Hill.

Will be used in their new house

2.25" Elm Slabs.....

Bench tops maybe?

2" Cedar.....stacked and Air Drying


36" Red Oak Log

"Book-Matched" Walnut

8' long,  2.5" thick, 34" Wide

Customer to make a Table Top

2.25" Thick "Slabs"....stacked and Air Drying

Steel Cable "inside" the tree trunk...... Bad for a Sawmill!

8' long,  4.25" thick

Cedar Mantel

20" Wide Pine cant, to be cut into WIDE boards

Beautiful "Post Oak" Slabs

2.25" Thick "Book-Matched" Elm Slabs

Black Walnut Logs

Straightening up / Sizing up some Large "White Oak" timbers for a customer on Lake Limestone.  Will be used in their new Timber Frame house

2x Framing Lumber

Red Oak, Post Oak, Pecan Stacks

52lb Lazy Dog

14" Wide "Blue-Stained" Pine Boards

Cypress Mantel

2" Thick "Book-Matched"

Eastern Red Cedar Slabs

Wide Red Oak Slab

8' long,  5.5" thick

"Live-Edge" PINE Mantel

"Live-Edge" PINE Mantel Getting ready to Dry a while!


L2  Sawmill 

LDE Company, LLC     dba:  L2 Sawmill

Portable Sawmill Service 

in East Texas